about Parivu

The Parivu Charitable Trust was founded on 2nd October 2009 to provide a better life for the orphaned, forsaken children and indigent elders. The humble effort started by adopting two persons and now we have grown to accommodate 122 people in our facility.

We are a registered non-governmental, non-religious and non-profitable organization. We provide the children with high quality education; we also address their fundamental necessities food, clothing and healthcare.

Parivu Charitable Trust


To serve old people who do not have any means of support and accommodate as many as possible.

Start a primary school for our occupants where children from nearby villages will also be provided free education

Take necessary measures to bring proper roads,electricity and water facilities to every village thereby providing the people better standard of life.

Create self help groups to address the issues of village women, teach them new skills through the group encourage them for self employment and give loans to start up their own small scale industry.


The Parivu Charitable Trust is the brainchild of Mr. Sakthivel Sargunam, Mrs. G. Uma Maheswari and Mrs. S. Sargunavathy. Each of them got their individual successful business house. The desire to give back to the world induced them to form Parivu and share their kindness to the people in need. They strive hard to provide a better future for as many people as possible through the trust.